The Best Nerf Guns Ever 2018 – New Nerf Guns, All Nerf Guns 2018

New Nerf Guns 2018

Everyone loves to play with Nerf Guns

Nerf Guns are becoming more and more popular and this is because they are very fun. This is why they are for adults and children alike. Adults like to bring back their childhood memories when they could play carefree. With the Nerf Guns you can pass some time when you think that there is nothing that can brighten up your day.

You may think that the days where you could play with darts are long gone but you will think twice once you get your hands on a Nerf Gun. They are really the grown-ups darts. You can actually modify your Nerf Guns. You can add some things to it if you want. You can make your Nerf Guns very unique and like no one else. You can use your imagination and make a very artistic nerf gun that everyone will be jealous of. It can even pass for a real thing and not just a toy.

Of course, you can enjoy the whole process with your little children as All Nerf Guns are suitable for all ages. The whole family can gather up and decorate or play with the nerf guns. You can actually spend some time with your children and have some really quality time together that you will have and children will forward to it.

There are a lot of New Nerf Guns to choose from and many ideas to modify them and make them yours. You will never be bored of them and will be addicted to it.

Nerf N Strike Guns

Find the Best Nerf Gun for you

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The Nerf Guns exist for almost 40 years. Since then we have met many different kinds of Nerf Guns. Some of them no are longer available We present you the TOP 10 Best Nerf guns ever. Click Here to see them: Best Nerf Gun

Nerf guns are not only for children as they seem to be equally fun for children and adults. There is also the Nerf Bow and arrow which is mostly for older boys, who like the old-fashioned way. New Nerf Guns is something that you should try at least once and you will never want to go back to any other game.

It is a good idea to choose some of them that are rather funny looking and will not get your child into the ideology of real guns. These New nerf guns are designed with safety in mind and they will not hurt your child in any way.

Longshot CS-6 Nerf Gun

Now, you can perfection your abilities in blasting, by using this two-in-one blaster!The Nerf Longshot gun is more than 3 feet long and able to launch foam arrows up to 35feet away!Having a targeting scope, makes it easier to aim accurately and pinpoint precisely. One quick –reload clip holds a number of 12 STREAMLINE DARTS.

Additionally,there is a fold-down bipod to help you steadily in aiming your crucial shots.Plus, if you are interested in a gun for a quick shot at close range, the solution is here! The blaster has removable parts in order to give you one-handed freedom with
a pistol-style blaster! So, Nerf Longshot model covers all your firing needs any time,any place!.

Find the cheapest price,read the full story here :Nerf Longshot

Maverick Nerf Gun

The Nerf Maverick gun is a six shooter like the one toted by the cowboy hero with whom it shares its name. This particular weapon is to shoot only soft suction darts that can quickly fly across a room and adhere to any type of glass surface e.g. window.

You should know that the Mavericks’ rotating barrel, makes it easier
to keep the firepower flying during the battle,with a plus of a futuristic look to better play.Additionally, the gun has an effective pump mechanism for producing a bit more power boost.Based on an informal test, it is seen that the darts flew surprisingly far and incredibly straight,too!.

See some info and best price here :Nerf Maverick

Rapid Fire 20 Nerf Gun

The size of this specific model Nerf Rapid Fire 20 Gun, is fairly good, and smaller children (3-4) might find it a bit ‘strange’ to pump and tote around.However,its weight is not too prohibitive for even those ages!It takes 23pumps in order to pump completely the gun up.

If someone continues to do it , he should hear the extra air coming out of a release valve, that is found at some place. This is probably a built-in safety device for keeping dart velocity at a secure level.So, do not pump too much!

Find more information here :Nerf Rapid Fire 20

Switch Shot EX-3 Nerf Gun

Now, if you are ready to join the virtual battle in Nerf N-Strike from EA, get this amazing air-powered, foam –dart blaster which is able to convert into a controller for your Wii console game system. (not included) All you have to do is simply slide out the launching mechanism and snap your remote controller,to change the switch shot EX-3 blaster into a very cool video game controller!

Afterwards, if you wish , convert the blaster back to the original form of dart weapon and start shooting up to 35 feet away! The included whistling sonic micro darts are ready to be used for undoubtedly,very long shots!

Check the lowest price here :Nerf Switch Shot Ex 3

Nite Finder Nerf Guns

The battle may go on into the night,too! How ? one phrase, Blaster Features light-beam targeting.It includes 3micro darts and a punch-out target.So,all you need to do is,get ready,aim and launch ! This way through the amazing ,cool, nighttime,blaster,your blasting experience transforms…The new dark environment makes the action feel differently and maybe more challenging!

That is why you should step into the night and start practicing to the target with your Nerf Nite Finder Gun.However, before, line up the red light beam on the target and you are set for action! Check the blasting skills of yours, day or night , and become the best of all! This ‘new comer’ includes as said,3 micro darts for use.

Find the best price here:Nerf Nite Finder

Vulcan EBF-25 Blaster

After the use of N-Strike gun,you are to prepare for the top in battery-powered blasting. Get ready to use the N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25 blaster gun! A fully automatic dart cannon, for any type of battle. Get fresh batteries before loading the blaster.Then you can fire at a rate of up to 3darts per second! The belt feeds automatically through the blaster,letting the firepower continue existing, while you battle your opponents.

Its’ internal launching system, that has much power, makes it an
non-ending source of power.Also, in order to have precision blasting, switch to single-shot mode. An easy escape from enemy fire or even an easy transport are enabled from the removable tripod that folds. Getting the amazing Nerf Vulcan blaster, means you will have the power to face any tough opponent of yours in a matter of seconds!

Check the best price here:Nerf Vulcan

Raider Rapid Fire CS-35 Nerf Gun

The one gun among all Nerf guns, with the largest ammo capacity, is the Nerf N-Strike Raider CS-35 Gun.It will make short work of your foam shooting foes!You shouldbe aware of the fact, that the blaster is able to carry up to 35 darts in its drum magazine, and to use a pump -action system in order to fire them quickly.

A tactical compatible rail with most N-Strike accessories and an adjustable stock are also of need before you have such a Nerf Raider CS-35 in your hands.A gun which will deliver the top blasting performance!

Get the cheapest price here:Nerf Rapid Fire 

Recon CS-6 Dart Blaster Gun

The time has come to build your own cool blaster! How? By getting five interchangeable parts which you can take apart and reassemble anyway you like! Before you are ready to ‘handle’ successfully any situation that calls for awesome dart-tag action, you have to snap the parts in any configuration on to the Tactical Rail tm. Additionally, other features of great interest, include a flip-up sight for aiming precision and a dual-mode light beam with red-dot accuracy that is perfect for night action!

Find more details here:Nerf Recon

Nerf N Strike Firefly Rev 8

Do you like having something fun to do when the night falls? Try this amazingly impressive Nerf Gun that shoots 8 darts which glow in the dark!

You can save them for multiple uses or you can fire them away for a more direct game! It’s your call!

Get more info here : Nerf Furyfire Rev 8

Magstrike AS-10 Nerf Gun

If you like the Nerf Blasters, you will be crazy about this one. Its great advantage is that it doesn’t work with a spring-plunger! On the contrary it works like a Supersoaker! The darts fly high due to its pump of air. And it can work with all types of Nerf darts! Isn’t that convenient?

Read more info here : Nerf Magstrike

Nerf Dart Tag Furyfire 2 Player Set

A complete proposal for those of you who don’t want to settle for anything less! The pump of 10 darts will drive you crazy! The UVA glasses will give you a feeling of protection and you will be ready for an unforgettable battle! There are two colours for the blaster, green and orange so you get to choose which one is more of your style!

Find More Info and cheapest price here :Nerf Furyfire 2 Player Set

Nerf Dart Tag Strikefire 2-Player Duel System

Ready to play? Put on your scoring vet and Vision Gear glasses and you are all set to go after your target! Throw your foam darts directly at your opponent’s scoring vest. The most exciting is that you can fire up to 6 darts and they can go up to 30 feet away. As a gift you will get instructions for seven one-on-one games but also five team games. Isn’t that great that you get to pick out of 12 games each time?

Find more info here :Nerf Strikefire

Nerf Dart Tag Hyperfire Deluxe 2 Player Blaster Set

Now it’s your chance to prepare yourself for a great battle! With a scoring vest and slip, vision gear glasses and a Hyperfire Blaster with 10 darts you will have the time of your life! No worries about the batteries and all the unpleasant things they can cause. You can have endless time of fun with your friends!

Nerf Guns are just the Best

Why you should choose a Nerf N Strike Gun?

Toy guns are always popular with children as they like to pretend to be warriors and fight off the enemies. This isn’t just something that we see in some countries but everywhere in the world.

Some of these guns may prove to be dangerous for your precious children so if you want to make sure that your child plays safely then you should really get one of the Nerf Guns. You may have seen a child being injured with a pellet gun or the whole house being messed up with water guns. Nerf Gun bullets are safe even if they hit you on the skin.

In a Nerf Gun you can find foam balls, foam darts or maybe all in a single gun. The design of the Nerf Guns have no sharp edges so that your child will have no danger of hurting himself. You can find the All Nerf Guns in many different colors so that your child can choose one of them.

The Nerf guns are very popular for many years now and there are many different types of guns that have been designed through the years. All of them can shoot darts and balls that are made from safe foam. They can play with friends pretending to conduct a Nerf War and you can be sure that they will not be endangered. On the contrary, they can learn how to play safely just by following the Nerf War rules.

Children will not be able to choose one of the many different types of Nerf Guns as all of them will appeal to them. Some of the new Nerf Guns are also battery-powered automatic firing features as well as laser scopes that give you the chance to fire with more precision. In this way the firing process can become more exciting and you will feel like a pro.

Modifing Nerf Guns is the New Craze

Lately making your own adjustments to your Nerf Guns is the new big hobby for young and old. Online there are many groups like the NerfHaven which give you tips on what you can do with your Nerf Guns. That is why once you start modifying your Nerf Guns you won’t be able to stop this hobby.

Here we give you an insight on what you should know before starting the modification.

Nerf Guns are the Best

Modify the Nerf Guns

Know what you are getting into; you should always keep in your mind that something might not go quite as you had planned to. Something might be broken on the Nerf Guns or you may not remember how to put the whole thing back together.

You should have a lot of patience and not be disappointed if something goes wrong. You can always try again or give it another shot. But even if you wreck a Nerf Gun completely that is also OK. Practice makes perfect and with time you will learn how to deal with the different mods and make them work.

And when you get a good idea and become good at it you will never want to stop modifying your Nerf Guns. There are some amazing mods you can do like superclip mod, vulcan ammo-belt mod, vulcan battery mod. Beware! the process is addicting.

Always keep in mind that you need to be patient and that something might prove disappointing. However, if you think that you cannot deal with the process then you should better spare your Nerf Guns the trouble and let them be.

Nerf guns are toy guns which can shoot darts. They are very safe and your child will not hurt himself in any way. They usually use foam for the ammo. You can find a wide variety of different Nerf Guns , like pistols and auto cannons. The Nerf guns are affordable and you can buy the different parts so as to create your own personalised Nerf Gun at home. All nerf guns have the same use.

There is air pressure which is generated in the gun and released behind a projectile, propelling the projectile at your target. For that to happen you need to have three main parts to your Nerf Gun: a pressure chamber, a pump and a trigger mechanism which will be connected to a barrel which has your projectile.

The Top 10 Best Nerf Gun ever existed

Nerf guns have a long history which goes back more or less for forty years. At first Nerf Guns would shoot foam balls but since then a variety of products have been added giving us many different models which can do lots of things. Here are the Best Nerf Gun so far.

1. First appeared in 1991, a bow-and-arrow type which could throw a foam arrow more than 60 feet away, something that it was a first for the time.

2. The Nerf Ballzooka which first app
eared in 1994, is able to shoot 15 balls in less than six seconds.

3. The Nerf Crossbow was first introduced in 1995 and it could shoot both arrows and darts.

4. The Nerf SuperMAX 3000, first came out in 1997, it has an automatic rotating chamber that can shoot 8 arrows, fifty feet away.

5. The Nerf ‘n’ Load, produced in 1998, with a single shot that can throw more than fifty feet away.

6. The Nerf Powerclip DX 1000 came out in 1999. It has a pump action and can shoot more than 78 feet away.

7. The Nerf N-strike Unity Power System was produced in 2004. It is very versatile and this means that it shoots three types of ammo and you can make it into three different guns and use them separately.

8. The Nerf N-Strike Maverick looks a lot like a revolver. We saw it in 2006 and it is the blaster that has sold so far the most. It can shoot six darts faster than you can see.

9. The Nerf N-strike Vulcan EBF-25 is the Best Nerf Gun so far as it is the biggest, it can hold 25 darts and you can load it once more in very few seconds.

10. The latest model came out this September and it is the Nerf N-strike Raider Rapid Fire CS 35 blaster. It has 35 darts and this is the more a Nerf Gun has up to now.

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